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Business to consumer model |  B2C procedure

Business to consumer model |  B2C procedure

Business to consumer model

The model clearly concentrates on individual buyers and is thus known as the Business to consumer Model (B2C) . This model enables consumers to browse, select and merchandise online from a wider variety of sellers and at better prices. The Business to Consumer modele-busines interaction is most appropriate for the following type of transactions.

Business to Consumer Model

1  Easily transformable goods, that is, products that are easily transformable into digital format, such as videos, software packages music books etc.

2  Highly – rated branded item or items with return security.

3  Items sold in packets that are not possible to open in physical stores.

4  Items that follow standard specifications.


The Business to Consumer model procedure for comprise the following steps

1         The customer identifies his/her need.

2         Then , the customer looks for the product or services that suit his/her needs.

3         The consumer selects a vendor and negotiates a price.

4         The consumer than receives the product and services.

5         The customer makes the payment for the received product.

6         The customer gets the services and warranty claims that are associated with the products.


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