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Functions of E-business | E-Business | E-Advertising

Functions of E-business | E-Business | E-Advertising

Functions of E- Business

E-business application enable various business functions and transactions to be conducted electronically. Some of the functions are discussed as follows :

Functions of E-business


 advertising of information is currently the largest commercial activity on the web. For example :

  • A company’s website contains its profile and all the information on its products and services.
  • It displays banners that can be clicked.
  • E-business portals like, are used for advertising.
  • Newsgroup also provide publicity.

Functions of E-business

E-Catalogues : Web pages that the information on provide products or services that a company offers are available on an e-catalogue provides information on

  • Packaging
  • Product attributes and characteristics
  • Availability
  • Payment modes
  • Cost,etc


E-Publishing : This sector was among the first to spend on this noval technology, especially on the internet. E-publishing has led to several successful e-commerce endeavours, such as an independent publication through the internet and electronic news papers.

Functions of E-business

Online publications offer services, such as:

  • Online reading/browsing
  • Online search
  • Customized information services

EBanking : This facility offers remote banking electronically. Electronic banking is also referred to as online banking , cyber banking , home banking or virtual banking. It enables web users to make online purchase and pay for same, using an online –banking facility. It is cost effective , simple and available round the clock. The customers have access to several services, such as:

  • Bill payment
  • Electronic cheque writing
  • Record keeping
  • Tracking of bank account, credit cards



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