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Business Model | Business 2 Business

Business Model | Business 2 Business

Business 2 business model


This model needs two or more business organization that do business with each other. It entails commercial activity among companies, through the internet as a medium. At present, there are many types of e-businesses. The B2B e- business is of the following types

  • Supplier oriented : in this type of Business 2 Business e-business, a supplier establishes an electronic market where a number of customers or buyers transact with suppliers. Generally, it is done by a supplier who has monopoly over the products that he supplies.
  • Buyer oriented: In this type of Business 2 Business electronic commerce, big business organizations with a high volume purchase capacity create an e-business marketplace for purchases and gain by establishing a website of their own. The online e-business marketplace and attracts both buyers and sellers to interact with each other.


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