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E-commerce | Application of E-commerce

E-commerce | Application of E-commerce

Application of E-commerce


  1. Searching capability: The consumer should be able to search products of interest and switch directly to the interested product over the internet.
  2. Downloading products: Consumers should able to download products and other supporting information and make their purchase decision.
  3. Online support : Staff should focus on customer services issued online.
  4. FAQ based on products: Once customers buys the products, they expect their problems to sort out directly without having to pick up the telephone.
  5. Message board to support customers: A message board provides customers access to information at all the time in a day. New customers can get benefited from the Questions and solution provided by a message board.
  6. Product newsletter: Customers can stay up-to –date with product information. Users can easily subscribe to mailing lists for product information.
  7. Support sales process :E-commerce site supports the sale process through purchase and then provide the necessary information to the customer.


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