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History of Internet | Details of Internet

History of Internet | Details of Internet

History of internet

History internet

1969          :  The US Department of Defense started the first network among major research centres in the U.S.

1971          :  Major connections or nodes were established. E-mail was introduced.

1973          :  Defense Department started developing various forms of file transfer.

1984          :  Domain names services (DNS) was introduced.

1986          :  The US National services foundation created internet-based telephone lines.

1987          :  The no of hosts (computers on the internet ) reached 10,000.

1988          :  The no of hosts on the internet crossed over 60,000.

1989          :  over 100,000 hosts on the internet were registered.

History of internet

1991          :  The World Wide Web (WWW) was created by CERN in switerzerland. (Conseil European pour la Recherche nuclearire)

1992          :  One million hosts were found on the internet.

1995          :  There were a total of 6.6 million hosts or computers on the internet.

July 1997   :  1.3 million domain names users on the WWW.


2003          :802.2 million users and 233 hosts.


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